Dry Aged Sides

Dry Aged Sides


Dry Aging and Packaging

Why do we Dry Age our sides of beef? We believe carcase Dry Aging for up to 14 days dramatically improves the overall eating quality of our beef. Dry Aging really intensifies the lovely clean flavour of our Grass-Fed Organic Beef, and also allows time for the muscles in the beef to relax, therefore improving tenderness.

Once your side has Dry Aged we will process the beef into portion controlled cryovac bags, which generally speaking consist of 2 steaks per pack, 1kg mince and diced, and 1-11/2kg roasts. We use cryovac bags, even though they are little more expensive, as the integrity and shelf life of the beef, particularly when frozen, is greatly improved.

When packed and boxed the beef can either be left in the chiller to remain fresh or snap frozen for pick-up or delivery. As long as the integrity of the cryovac seal remains in place, the beef will come out of the freezer as good as the day it went in, even after a period of 24 months or longer! For sides taken fresh we recommend all product be frozen not more than a week after being packed, apart from cryovaced whole cuts.

How Much Will My Side Cost?

We have changed the way we charge for our sides of beef, you will now pay for the actual weight of fresh beef received, as opposed to paying for the whole side, including the bones.

The charge for a whole side, packed as above, is currently $16.50/kg, which also includes delivery to Perth and most South West destinations. Someone must be at home to meet and assist the driver with delivery. Our sides of beef will yield approximately 80-90kg of fresh meat cuts. A side of beef will cost around $1300-$1500 packed and delivered to your door.

Tray packed Preservative/Gluten Free Certified Organic Beef BBQ sausages will cost an extra $3.50/kg to produce, based on the finished weight of the sausages. Stock bones, if required, will be bagged in 2kg bags and will be charged @$2.00/kg. Trimmed fat from the side can be boxed and supplied free of charge if required.


Why Not Share?

Because of the way our beef is packed, a side can be split up very easily between up to 4 parties, thus sharing the load and making our beef more accessible for more people.You will be surprised how little freezer space you require for a shared side, due mainly to the cryovac packaging we use.


Once your beef is packed delivery will be the morning after the beef is packed, so all product will be delivered fresh to your door. For country deliveries we can also organise your side to be delivered to your nominated freight company in Perth or Bunbury.

How Do I Order and Pay?

Please contact Warren by either email or phone and he will arrange for a cut sheet to be emailed to you, or he will assist you in filling out the cut sheet over the phone.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 0427348496

Warren will advise at the time of ordering your estimated delivery time, usually 14 to 21 days from time of order. Upon ordering we require a $200 deposit to confirm your order, which can be payed via EFT into our nominated bank account. Sorry no Visa facilities available. The morning your side is processed Warren will advise you of the final weight of your side, and what balance is required for payment. Payment via EFT is required immediately, with a bank transaction record emailed through to Blackwood Valley Beef.

Once you receive your beef Warren will be available anytime to advise how to obtain the best out of all of your different cuts, because your satisfaction and enjoyment is our top priority, and our guarantee you will be back for more of our fantastic beef!!

Current Availability

Dry Aged sides are available and ready to order!